In this house black lives matter, love is love, women’s rights are equal rights, science is real, facts are important, no person is illegal, poverty is an outrage, and healthcare is a right.

HerWar is the brainchild of friends who have grown more and more concerned about what we see happening around us. The oppression inherent in our society is literally killing people and our government is leading in the body counts. We had way too much to say about it to keep it all to ourselves. This is how HerWar was born.

Our purpose here is simple, we endeavor to give a platform to the voices of progress and fight for social equity on every front. Our first aim is a discussion, that is why we write. We, being the brilliant creatures we are, know that there is no way to find a solution without talking about the problem, so when we see something, we say something. That is exactly what you’ll find here.

We’ve split our blog up into categories to help easily find the topics you’d like to read about. Since we’re fighting on all fronts, there is a lot of ground to cover.

  • Missing Filter – Personal blog detailing the life of a blue dot in a red state trying to raise a couple of snowflakes. Written by Basic Pitch.
  • Amazingly Disgraced – Personal blog detailing the paradox of being a skeptical believer. Written by Amazingly Disgraced.
  • Militant Musings of a Madman – Personal blog, short on words and long on things to say. Written by Negative Creep.
  • Put Me In, Coach – Sports.
  • An Extremely Uncomfortable Place – Pop Culture and Entertainment
  • The Structure Is a Cell – Politics and Government
  • Natural Selection – Science and Medicine.
  • Tell Me All Your Thoughts On God – Religion and Faith
  • Jeremy Spoke In Class Today – Education
  • We Didn’t Start The Fire – History
  • Money For Nothing  – Business and Finance

We are currently trying to find a writing schedule that works for us but please check back often for new content.  As always, we would love to hear what you think. Click contact and send us a message or comment on a post, we will respond.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Amazingly Disgraced, Basic Pitch & Negative Creep