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Incels” have been a huge topic of conversation on multiple social media platforms in the past several days after a man in Toronto killed 10 people by driving a vehicle down the street, and was found to have done so because he was basically fed up with being an incel, with some even going so far as to write op-ed pieces about it.

My personal favorite, one explaining how, based on “leftist” ideology, the eventual redistribution of sex was the next logical place we could expect to arrive. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t make sense to me, either.

Instead of focusing on that ridiculousness, I’m going to focus on just a few of the myriad reasons why the entire world of inceldom is bullshit.

  1. Women don’t owe anyone anything, especially not sexual favors, in return for any type of behavior, including but not limited to acts of kindness, paying for meals and/or date activities, being pitiful.
  2. Women don’t owe anyone anything, especially not sexual favors, as a result of any type of behavior, including but not limited to, being kind, flirting, being rude, accepting gifts/meals/etc., agreeing to go on a date, making out.
  3. You are not entitled to a sexual relationship by virtue of existing.
  4. You are not entitled to a woman who is a “10” just because you have a penis.
  5. Your life and your interactions with people are your responsibility.
  6. If you want more positive interactions with people, you need to look at your own personality and see what changes need to be made.
    1. Do not brag about your “intelligence.” No one cares. People who enjoy being around intelligent people will know pretty quickly if you fall into that category without you saying a word. Bragging about what you perceive to be intelligence makes you a pain in the ass.
    2. “Nice guys” don’t get good women. Wanna know who does? Good men. Be a good man. Good men don’t get pissed when they hold a door open for a woman and she doesn’t repay him by throwing herself at him, snatch first. Good men don’t believe that a woman should be their submissive (BDSM is an entire world of scenarios that aren’t included in this because the complexities are too vast for one statement, but incels, that’s not what BDSM is). Good men believe in a woman’s autonomy, bodily and otherwise.
  7. A woman is not a vending machine, where you insert kindness coins, and pussy falls out. It ain’t gonna happen.
  8. Fetishizing an entire race of people and what you perceive to be their culture is gross. Japanese women are not actually the demure little chicks you see in anime. Stop thinking that; it’s inaccurate and hella gross. It makes you hella gross. Well, grosser.
  9. The “friend zone” isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t some pussy purgatory you’ve been relegated to as a punishment for not being a “Chad.” The friend zone is literally a place where, idk, friends exist. So that means that, if we call you a friend? We give a shit about you, and care your well being. If you only call yourself our friend because you’re waiting in the wings, hoping we fall desperately in love with you, you aren’t really a friend. You’re being a fake friend. You’re actually a predator. You’re like a cheetah, waiting quietly for the gazelle to forget to notice you, and then you’ll pounce. If this is you? Kick rocks.
  10. You are literally a 450-lb, unshaven, unshowered, Cheetoh-dusted piece of misogynistic crap who “expects” a woman to be a size 6, with DDDD breasts, and a hairless twat. Do you see how unbalanced this is, man? Get over yourself.
  11. You claim to be chivalrous, and blame feminism for why you don’t get laid. Well, buddy, chivalry was a code dictating how men used to be expected to care for their property, including women and slaves, if they had a certain level of status. Once again, you’re confusing something for being a good man. Or hell, just being a nice human being. Guess what? I hold doors open for men, and women, all the time. I carry things for my husband when his hands are full, or just when I want to. That’s being a good person.
  12. Stop believing that a sexual relationship with another person is the only reason for existing. Get off your computer. Stop playing WoW or Fortnite. Log out of 4Chan and Reddit. Seriously. Go have some life experiences. Do things. Have fun. Get a job. Get some friends. Ya know, friends that you have zero expectation of fucking. Develop your personality. Get some hobbies that aren’t related to the computer. Stop pretending you’re an anime hero or a katana expert. And for fuck’s sake, throw that god damned trilby away.

** For more information on incels, visit Reddit or **

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