“It’s okay not to be okay. Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart.  Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising, just be true to who you are!” -from “Who You Are” by Jessie J

In the past few weeks, months, hell, year, things have been very tense, and have escalated seemingly every day. We can’t escape the ugliness. It’s on our televisions, social media feeds, being discussed at work. Many of us have an internal struggle, of trying to stay informed, while finding a healthy balance. It’s exhausting.

That’s why self-care is so incredibly important. We all have to take some time to decompress, step away from the mess. Sometimes you’ve just got to inhale the good shit, and exhale the bullshit.

What are you doing for self-care? Here are some simple ideas, for extroverts and introverts alike.

  • Take a long, hot bath, with some of your favorite relaxing music playing in the background. Light candles, and turn the lights off.
    • For music, I’m personally a fan of jazz, Enya, Sade, etc.
    • Aromatherapy candles are the best for this. Anything with lavender, chamomile, spearmint, and/or eucalyptus are perfect for relaxing.
  • Schedule some time every day, every other day, once a week, to read a good book. Set an alarm so you can read for 30 minutes to an hour each day.
  • If you like to cook or bake, bake something you’ve never made before. Recently, I made a banana bread cake with a coconut glaze, from scratch! I was so proud of myself, and let me tell you, it was delish!
  • Watch a movie you’ve been trying to see, or binge watch a show on Netflix.
  • Take some time to see some of the beauty in the world. This can be done alone or with friends. Some suggestions:
    • Museums
    • Art galleries
    • Planetariums
    • Drive away from the city to watch a sunset
  • Grab your bestie and have a mani/pedi day! And if money is tight, you can always do this at home, in a fuzzy robe.
  • Take some time to make yourself feel pampered.
    • Try new makeup
    • Do an exfoliating face mask
    • Buy a new hair product or lotion
  • Play video games!
  • Go out with a group of friends and do something more upbeat and exciting, like:
    • Going to a nightclub or a bar
    • Go on a shopping (or window shopping) spree
    • Try something new
      • Maybe you’ve never been to a country bar and line danced; give it a try!
    • Go to a sporting event
  • Write something. Anything. Poems, letters, stories, novels.
    • Go to sites like NanoWriMo.com for ideas, support, and motivation
  • Take a significant other, best friend, or group of friends to a restaurant you’ve been dying to try.
  • Have a group of friends go to a local event, such as:
    • Painting and Wine nights
    • Murder Mystery games
    • Escape Room games
  • Grab your buddies and go:
    • Bowling
    • Shoot pool
    • Play darts
  • If you are religious, attend a church/temple/mass service, and enjoy the fellowship!

In the words of Lalah Delia, “Self-care is how you take your power back.”

This list can go on and on, and certainly, doesn’t cover every possible self-care scenario, but maybe it’ll inspire some new ideas! Comment what your favorite self care routines are!

Posted by:amazinglydisgraced

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