“This is the new sound, just like the old sound. Just like the noose wound, over the new ground” -from Ashes In the Fall, by Rage Against The Machine

via What Have We Become? — Amazingly Disgraced

I am angry. I have a heavy heart. I feel helpless, as though my words and actions are an exercise in futility. I am losing faith that good always conquers evil. And it hurts.

I watched with absolute terror yesterday, the events of what claimed to be a protest, turn into a violent, racist terror attack, leaving three people dead, and dozens more injured. I watched jack-booted white men holding Confederate flags assault men and women who had the courage to stand up and scream that this is not acceptable. I watched as police did next to nothing. I watched people stand in the face of Neo-Nazis, and stare them down. I watched a black man speak calmly with a group of three or four white supremacists, then offer his hand in peace, for a handshake. I watched terror unfold, and I saw reactions that covered the spectrum. I watched a descent into hell.

I listened as politicians decried these instances of racism, and absolutely refuse to condone that behavior. I listened as news anchors and media pundits tried to control their rage, and show the world what was happening, while anchors from a more conservative media outlet talked about Barack Obama and Cuba. I saw people react with myriad emotions, on social media. I experienced their pain and fear and rage, with them.

We now live in a country where this is not being explicitly condemned by our president, but to some level, violent and virulent white supremacy is being encouraged. This White House administration has multiple members with a checkered past, with regards to race relations…and we let it happen. We did this.

It’s time to stop placing the blame on Marmalade Mussolini; this is our fault, America. We did this shit. We let it happen. We voted for this toxic waste dump of a human being. We voted for him, and now we’re wishing we could have election level take-backsies.

Let’s stop giving them polite little euphemisms to hide behind. Make them own up to the sniveling fucks they really are. It is t alt-right, it’s white supremacy. It isn’t white nationalism, it’s anti-people of color. It isn’t a protest, it was a mass terrorist attack. It’s racism, pure and simple.

We fucked up, America, and this fuck up isn’t going to go unnoticed. People are dying, because we fucked up. People are dying because we allowed it. People are dying because we have let this happen. We handed them our rights and lives, and have the nerve to be upset when they do WHAT THEY FUCKING SAID THEY WOULD DO.

No more, America. No. Fucking. More.

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