All you have to do is look on any social media site, the comments section of an online article, hell, anywhere on the internet, to see that hetero, cis, white men think that there is a war against them. That they’re being oppressed, abused, and we want to erase them from our history books.

All one must do is take one look at our nation’s history to see that it’d be impossible to erase white men. After all, without white men, our nation would’ve never been “founded!” Course, that also means we’d have never obliterated indigenous peoples. We would’ve have dreamed of owning other human beings, effectively erasing any culture or heritage they may have had, and forcing our own upon them. We’d have never had to fight for women’s suffrage, civil rights, et cetera.

So you see, white men, you’re an integral part of our nation’s history, and there’s nothing we can to do to erase you, even if we try. But we don’t want to. To deny our history is almost as grievous a sin as actually committing those atrocities.

That being said, if you want to see that you aren’t really losing any power? Take one look at our government. Go ahead. Look at it.

As of 2010, women comprised just over 50 percent of our population, yet only 19 percent are in Congress. ┬áBlack people make up around 14 percent of the U.S. population, but are part of the 34 percent of racial and/or ethnic minorities in the 115th Congress. Our president is a white man who dabbles in white supremacist misogyny like Picasso dabbled in oils: it’s messy, sure, and a little confusing, but it makes sense to him, and it gets the point across.

White men, you’re more than represented in America. In all forms of media, entertainment, government, and everywhere else, you are the default setting unless otherwise mentioned. You don’t have to have a qualifier. You’re just…American. You don’t have to be African-American, or Asian-American. No one calls you European-American. You just are.

When you’ve had an entire pie every time you sit down to eat, and your ancestors did, too, for centuries, if someone finally comes along, starving, and asks for a piece of your pie, it probably does feel a little bit like what you imagine oppression feels like. That feeling is probably exacerbated when someone cuts a small sliver of the pie and designates it for a black person, a woman, an LGBTQ person. It’s okay to feel that way, but it isn’t okay to whine and cry about being starved because someone took a small slice of your pie, when right in front of you is the entire rest of the pie. You aren’t starving; you’re just being told it isn’t okay to be a glutton anymore.

You aren’t in the majority, but you are the largest of the stakeholders, and now, you’re feeling uncomfortable because the rest of us are holding your feet to the fire, and demanding that you think of us, too. Include us. Stop raping and killing us. Respect our right to exist and share this planet with you. We matter.


Posted by:amazinglydisgraced

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