“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Dear Religious “Others”,

So, you’ve realized you don’t quite fit in? Maybe you’re coming to terms with your truth that God does not exist, or perhaps God does exist and you’re not sure, or maybe God exists, but in a way that doesn’t quite coalesce with most of your loved ones. Maybe you’ve just been doing your own research and questioning, and have come to a conclusion that may not fit neatly. One way or another, you are a square peg, trying to fit into a cross-shaped hole.

Keep going.

Perhaps you’re LGBTQ folks, maybe you’re persons of color, or a woman, who can no longer align yourselves with a religion practiced largely by those marginalizing and oppressing you. Perhaps it just doesn’t make sense to you anymore.

Keep going.

Maybe you’ve been told you’re wrong, and going to Hell. Or, someone has said, condescendingly, “I’ll pray for you.” Did you get kicked out of a church family?

Keep going.

If you’re either on the path to, or have come to, a spiritual conclusion that works best for you, and doesn’t hurt anyone else, no matter what the naysayers do or say, and I know this is hard…

Keep going.

It’s so important, even when, or perhaps especially when, it’s painful, to stay the course, follow your heart, listen to your gut, and do what’s best for you. Stop trying to try on everyone else’s clothing, and being surprised when they don’t fit you just right.

Keep going.

You are not alone. Your bravery and strength of spirit may be what someone else is watching, looking for silent permission to do the same themselves.

Keep going.

Posted by:amazinglydisgraced

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