I pray you see yourself as you truly are.

I pray you see the insurmountable strength, the indomitable will, the unrelenting love and unwavering forgiveness that are such a significant part of what makes you, you.

I pray you learn to take care of yourself the way you care for others, because you are just as, if not more, deserving.

I pray you learn to be at peace with yourself, and as accepting of yourself as you are of everyone else.

I pray you become able to filter out the ugliness, and it can no longer poison your spirit.

I pray no one is ever allowed to steal your joy again.

I pray you surround yourself only with those who build you up and refuse to knock you down.

I pray you see the sheer beauty in your spiritual scars; that those scars are places where you’ve been wounded, but healed.

I pray you come to understand how resilient you truly are.

I pray you skip sometimes, rather than walk.

I pray you laugh, at least ten times a day.

I pray you sing along with the radio, loudly, even if it’s off key, and enjoy every second of it.

I pray you come to see that you are so remarkably beautiful, that the Universe cannot contain you.

I pray you recognize that your beauty is just as powerful inside as it is outside.

I pray you are able to see that you are the source of life, love, and power in this world.

I pray you read amazing books, take long walks under the stars, take bubble baths, and nestle in your bed on clean sheet night.

I pray you get to watch someone blossom and grow before your eyes, as it is a truly magical experience.

I pray you learn how to accept giving, as regularly as you give.

I pray you are able to commune with nature from time to time.

I pray you can cry when you need to, in order to cleanse your soul.

I pray you watch sappy movies from time to time, eating ice cream, in a Snuggie, and never feel guilty for one moment.

I pray you can ignore those voices telling you that you aren’t enough, or you’re too much. They’re lying to you.

I pray for you to have the strength and resolve to move on when you must, to fight when it matters, and to compromise when it’s needed.

But most of all…

I pray for you to fall in love with yourself, a little bit more, every single day.

Posted by:amazinglydisgraced

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